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AI for ME

In this emerging AI-driven economy, it is an inevitable need to understand how to navigate the challenges to minimize risk and optimize benefit for your organization, especially as governments increase regulatory oversight. This groundbreaking program will provide best practices for organizations and equip participants with the tools needed to implement them.

What makes this program unique for managers in all sectors and industries is that they do not need to have a technical, AI, ML, or STEM background.

Who is this program for?

The program is accessible to all managers and team leaders who want to understand better the development in the field of AI and its impact on various sectors locally and globally.
This program is aimed to inspire professionals around the world to use AI in their professional field with/without having any knowledge or expertise on AI, ML, or STEM.


  • Acquire skills that are needed to effectively develop and implement AI projects
  • Explore the intersection of AI technology, business, and management
  • Obtain a rich experience and help your organization broaden and deepen the use of AI
  • Understand AI’s challenges by discussing test cases raising questions and dilemmas.
  • Discover and avoid pitfalls associated with AI technologies


  • Duration: 6 weeks (duration is flexible)
  • 5 mandatory lectures (once a week)
  • 5 voluntary supervision sessions (once a week): Participants can book a supervision session with the lecturer.  


Get recognized for your knowledge! Upon completion of the program, AICenter Sweden will grant participants a certificate of completion. The certificate is digitally verifiable, and participants can add it to their LinkedIn profile.