AI for Youth
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AI for Youth

The AI industry is shaping our today and our future at a very fast speed. In addition, young people are the future of the world, and by that, they need to be skilled and keen on the new advancement in the world. Young people needs to be able to perform at their best in their daily life, in their professional life and in society.

AI for Youth is a program that provide youth with knowledge on how to apply AI. Young professionals aged 16-29 can take part in the program and be engaged in the world of AI.


With this program, we end for increasing inclusion in the AI industry and invite young people without AI, ML, or STEM backgrounds to get benefits from the AI field.

This program is aimed to inspire young professionals around the world to use AI in their professional field.

The program is accessible to all who want to understand better the development in the field of AI and its impact on various sectors locally and globally.

What this program offers?

  • The program is giving special training with the introduction of AI, AI search, and robotic solutions.
  • Lectures by AI professionals
  • Workshop
  • One-to-one mentorship
  • Certification from the AICenter


  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • 5 mandatory lectures (once a week)
  • 5 voluntary supervision sessions (once a week): Participants can book a supervision session with the lecturer.  

Deliverables & Opportunities

  • Participants who pass the assignments will receive the Certificate of Completion from AICenter Sweden: The certificate is digitally verifiable, and participants can add it to their LinkedIn profile to strengthen their CVs.
  • Certified participants will be listed on the AICenter certification system.